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Book Review: Professor Abdul Karim’s Contribution and Achievements


 Abdul Karim Commemoration Volume edited by Shamsul Hossain, Dhaka: Adorn Publications, pp248, 2008, HB, Taka 500.00 Professor Dr Abdul Karim was a great Muslim scholar and historian of Bengal. Born in 1928 in Chapachari village, located in Banskhali in Chittagong district of Bangladesh, Abdul Karim studied at Islamic Intermediate College. After completing his Intermediate of Arts (I.A.) in 1946, he

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Farrukh Ahmad’s Bengali Islamic Poetry


Islam in Bengali Verse: A Selection from Sirajun Munira, by Farrukh Ahmad, translated into English by Syed Sajjad Husain, Dhaka: BIIT, pp. 53, PB. TK.100 Farrukh Ahmad was one of the foremost Muslim poets of Bengali literature during the twentieth century along with Kazi Nazrul Islam, Shahadat Husain and Ghulam Mustafa. According to late Professor Syed Sajjad Husain, a Vice-Chancellor

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Sir Abdullah Suhrawardy


Allama Sir Abdullah al-Ma’mun Suhrawardy, MA, Bar-at-Law, PhD, D. Litt (Oxon), LL. D, Iftikhar al-Millat, was one of the most brilliant Muslim scholars of his generation. One of the first students to obtain a PhD degree from Calcutta University, Abdullah was an outstanding Islamic scholar, skilled linguist, eminent academic, influential politician and also a prolific writer. Unfortunately, the life and

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Muhammad Abdur Rahim


Professor Dr Muhammad Abdur Rahim was one of the foremost Muslim historians and academics of his generation. Author of a dozen seminal works on aspects of Muslim history and culture of India in general and Bengal in particular, this renowned scholar and writer did not, however, receive the recognition he deserved in his homeland, Bangladesh, during his life time. This

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Kazi Nazrul Islam


Kazi Nazrul Islam is a household name in Bengal. A towering figure in Bengali literature and the national poet of Bangladesh, yet he is virtually unknown in the West. Why? There are two reasons for this: partly because, as William Radice had pointed out, he was a Muslim; and partly due to the fact that he identified himself with the

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Ghulam Husain Salim: Great Historian of Medieval Bengal

Sadr al-Jahan Minhaj al-Din Siraj Jurjani (Minhaj-i-Siraj), author of the celebrated Tabaqat-i-Nasiri (Chronicle of Nasir) was the classical historian of Bengal, while Ghulam Husain Salim Zaidpuri was an outstanding pre-modern Muslim historian of Bengal. According to Ilahi Bakhsh, the author of Khurshid Jahan Namah, Ghulam Husain was born in the village of Zaidpur in Oudh (Indian State of Uttar Pardesh);

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Ahmad Hasan Dani


Ahmad Hasan Dani was the most prominent scholar, historian and archaeologist to have emerged from the subcontinent during the twentieth century. Author of more than 25 books and originator of what I prefer to call the ‘Dani School of History’ at Dhaka University, Professor Dani was a pioneering researcher, prolific writer and an outstanding linguist, yet his life and works

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