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Pioneers of Islam in Bengal: The Early Muslim Saints of Bangladesh and West Bengal

The Mosque of Shah Jalal

As a faith and culture, Islam came in contact with the coastal regions of the subcontinent much earlier.  According to some historians, the Arabs had been travelling to Ceylon, Sumatra, Java, Malabar, Maldives and the other coastal regions of India from the very early days of Islam. Sayyid Sulaiman Nadwi, author of Ard ul-Qur’an (A Geographical History of the Qur’an),

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Nawab Abdul Latif: Great Muslim Reformer of Bangladesh and West Bengal

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Abdul Latif (1828-1893) was born in rural Faridpur and pursued his early education there. His father, Qazi Faqir Muhammad, then enrolled him at Calcutta Madrasah for higher education in Arabic, Persian, Urdu and the Islamic sciences. Originally founded in October 1780 by Warren Hastings, an official of the East India Company, to train up a new generation of Indians who

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